Tournament Resources

Note: some links here are placeholder content, and will be updated accordingly in the future


A number of divisions (ideally two or three) of eight people will do a cube draft online using Meteor. A player will have a match against each of their division opponents, one per week for seven weeks. After each game, new cards from a booster pack will be added to your draft collection and be available for use.

Once the round robin stage is complete, the top four players from the first division and top two players from each the second and third division will advance to an eight-person top cut. Seeds will be based on division place, and the cut will be double elimination.

Entry and Prizes

$15 entry fee

See the prizes page for more details.

I will also make plans to create an alt art for the winner, but note I’m very slow at completing any kind of art. Just ask Jason and Dave.

Cube Draft

  • Will happen using Discord for voice communication. It’s a lot of fun being in a group room while a draft occurs!
  • Runner is drafted first, then Corp. This prevents teching your Runner based on Corp cards drafted
  • Important: you may not intentionally draft more than fourth identities per side. If you are forced to take a fourth (due to it being the last pick in a pack), that is permitted

Draft Format

Games are played to 7 points. An important thing to note is if you use the default neutral IDs, may treat your games as being played to 6 points, which is not correct.

There is no time limit to games.

Corps Starting Cards:

  • 1x The Syndicate: Profit over Principle
  • 3x Priority Requisition
  • 1 Eden Fragment
  • 1 Hades Fragment
  • 1 Utopia Fragment
  • 1x Jackson Howard

Runner Starting Cards:

  • 1x The Catalyst: Convention Breaker
  • 1x Armitage Codebusting

All identities, be they starting or drafted, are 40 card deck size, infinite influence (40/∞).

There are no deckbuilding restrictions on the number of cards in a deck. So you could end up with 4x Armitage Codebusting. Card restrictions to deckbuilding remain however; you would still be limited to 1x Philotic Entanglement per deck, or 1x Utopia Shard per deck.

Between rounds you may change the cards being used in your active decklists, so long as they come from your pool of drafted cards.

Between rounds, if you have multiple identities in your draft cards, you may switch identities.

Points are Netrunner standard: 3 points for a game win, 1 point for a game tie, 0 points for a game loss. As there’s no time limit to games, ties should be incredibly rare or non-existent.

Brackets and Standings

The round schedule and standings will be found on Challonge:

Standing is based on total points scored. In the case of tied points, there are three criteria to break ties.

  1. Match Wins
  2. Wins versus tied participants
  3. Strength of Schedule

Strength of schedule will only be used to break any ties for the mid tournament snake draft; after seven rounds when everybody has played everybody, it loses its impact.

Reporting Results

Once your match has concluded, each player reports their results. Please make your reports in a timely fashion, as it keeps the tournament flowing nicely.

There will also be fields in this form to list your booster pack card rankings.

Booster Packs

After rounds 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6, players will be able to obtain cards from booster packs that will supplement what they drafted. Each pairing of players will see the same 8-card booster packs (one pack for runner, one pack for corp), and will receive three cards from each pack.

Cards in the booster pack will be revealed at the start of each new round. They will be drawn from the draft pool (but will not include IDs), but curated so no S+ tier cards are present. Having a copy of Medium or Crowdfunding present in a booster for four players in the division to take (as each match pairing picks from the same booster) would upset the balance.

When you report your match results, there will be fields in the form where you rank your preferred booster card picks from highest to lowest.

Cards will be assigned by the tournament organiser, going back and forth between the two players. Priority of pick depends on the match results. If a player is swept, they get priority for both the Runner and Corp packs.

In the case of a split, there will be an extra field where you indicate if you’d rather pick first for Runner or Corp. Split opponents are randomly selected if their preferred choice happens or not.

Booster picks will be listed on this page, and player picks will be publicly visible to all other players.

Separate divisions will have the same booster packs.

Snake Draft

You may have noticed that there’s no booster pack following Round 4. Before this round, we’ll reveal a Snake Draft list of forty five cards for each Runner and Corp.

On completion of Round 4, we’ll have scheduled Snake Draft (similar in how we gathered for the initial draft). Then, starting by the current reverse standing rank order (so current 8th place picks first), a snake draft of these cards takes place. This results in five additional cards added to each player’s available pool for both Runner and Corp (with five unpicked cards left over) from the wider cube list.

Whether or not you take the best pick available, choose something that fills a weakness in your deck, or hate-draft a card, is up to you. Difficult choices will happen. In RCDL1, it took until the 6th pick for a Medium to be taken!

If possible, the snake draft will be done with all participants of the pool online in Discord, so it’s “in person”. If a player is unable to make the draft, they can still get their cards by ranking their desired picks, and submitted that list to an organiser. Contact a TO for more information.

Separate divisions will have the same Snake Draft list.


After seven rounds eight players will progress to the playoffs. These will be:

  • the top four from Division 1
  • the top two from Division 2

The first round matchups will be as follows.

  • Division 1 first seed vs Division 2 fourth seed
  • Division 1 second seed vs Division 2 third seed
  • Division 1 third seed vs Division 2 second seed
  • Division 1 fourth seed vs Division 2 first seed

After the first round we progress as normal for a traditional double elimination top cut.


Please refrain from revealing cards and strategies that your opponents decks make use of. A major factor of draft matches is the unknown, and adapting to your opponent. Telling others that somebody you played has a “tag and bag” kill package will make their future opponents wary, which isn’t fair.

Note that you may of course talk about your own cards, if you wish.

What if a player drops out?

This is obviously something we wish to avoid at all costs.

If possible, the first best solution is to have a new player take over the dropped player’s spot and drafted card lists.

Failing that, each match involving the dropped player (past and future) is treated as if the dropped player was swept. Past scores will be adjusted if needed to accommodate for this. In addition, all future booster packs will be treated as if the two players had a split, with the organiser making neutral picks in place of the dropped player.

Tournament Organisers

Your tournament organisers are:

  • Alec / Alpha (Discord) / RunningParallel (Twitch)
  • Joe / Solomir (Discord) / SoIomir (Twitch)
  • Ryan / Hams (Discord)

In order to be able to resolve card related judge calls, the organisers will need access to everyone’s drafted card lists. Because this understandably could be an exploitable situation, some measures are required to maintain fairness; each TO will have access to all player’s drafted cards from a particular division.

  • Joe: Division 1
  • Alec: Division 2
  • Ryan: Division 3

If you’re playing a match, and you suspect your opponent is using a card they shouldn’t have access to, ping your relevant TO and they can do a card check for you.

Intentional Draws

Please don’t tell Alec.

Booster Example

Alec and Ian split their match. Alec says that if given the choice, he’d pick first for Runner, and Ian says the same.

The cards in the Runner pack are: Amped Up, Diesel, Cyberfeeder, Patchwork, Abagnale, Inti, Paricia, Logic Bomb

The cards in the Corp pack are: Advanced Concept Hopper, Amani Senai, Chief Slee, Bailiff, Crick, Enigma, Door to Door, Prisec

Alec’s order of picks are:
Runner: Patchwork, Logic Bomb, Diesel, Paricia, Cyberfeeder, Inti, Amped Up, Abagnale
Corp: Advanced Concept Hopper, Bailiff, Crick, Enigma, Amani Senai, Prisec, Chief Slee, Door to Door

Ian’s order of picks are:
Runner: Diesel, Patchwork, Paricia, Amped Up, Cyberfeeder, Abagnale, Inti, Logic Bomb
Corp: Enigma, Crick, Door to Door, Chief Slee, Amani Senai, Prisec, Advanced Concept Hopper, Bailiff

After reviewing the information in the submitted forms, the TO flips a coin, and it turns out Ian gets card pick priority of Runner. Going back and forth, this results in:

  • Ian’s Runner 1: Diesel
  • Alec’s Runner 1: Patchwork
  • Ian’s Runner 2: Paricia (as Alec has already selected Patchwork)
  • Alec’s Runner 2: Logic Bomb
  • Ian’s Runner 3: Amped Up
  • Alec’s Runner 3:  Cyberfeeder (as Ian has already selected Paricia)

Then, because it was a split, card pick priority passes to Alec for the Corp.

  • Alec’s Corp 1: Advanced Concept Hopper
  • Ian’s Corp 1: Enigma
  • Alec’s Corp 2: Bailiff
  • Ian’s Corp 2: Crick
  • Alec’s Corp 3: Enigma (as Ian has already selected Crick)
  • Ian’s Corp 3: Chief Slee

If Ian had swept Alec, then Alec would have card pick priority for both Runner and Corp sides.